PRF course in London with Dr Joseph Choukroun founder of PRF technique.

Over 70 dentists with special interest in implant dentistry stepped away from their practice on the 13-14th March 2020 to take part in the groundbreaking PRF course in London. 

During the 2 day program the featured speaker Dr Joseph Choukroun inspired participants to pay peculiar attention to biological and physiological factors during dental implant placement and bone graft.  

,,We had such an amazing time meeting Dr. Choukroun, inventor of PRF Systems. With the objective of accelerating soft tissue and bone healing, Platelet Rich Fibrin assists in healing and recovering from dental procedures, from dental surgeries and tooth extractions. A great development to the dental industry.”

Dr Joseph Choukroun is passionate about educating dentists on topics high in demand in the field of dental implantology such as achieving long term success and predictable outcome after dental implant treatment as well as preventing and treating peri-implantitis.


The keynote speaker shared the joy he feels when he meets enthusiastic dentists from all over the world and he encouraged delegates to challenge themselves to a higher standard of work by using PRF in their daily practice.

The highlight of the day was the hands-on session when participants were able to practice blood drawing according to a fast and easy protocol, exercise new suture techniques and prepare PRF membranes.

10 brilliant takeaways from Dr Joseph Choukroun:

  • importance of Vitamin-D and Cholesterol level in dental implant surgery
  • specific suture protocol to avoid tension
  • soft brushing technique to extend the flap
  • too much tension creates extensive oxidation in flap management
  • the importance of oxidative stress management
  • adapted insertion torque of implant placement depending on bone density
  • novel Sticky Bone (A-PRF) and the use os stem cells from the blood (i-PRF) to reduce ischemia of the flap and to improve angiogenesis
  • new centrifugation protocol to maximise tissue regeneration
  • phlebotomy: fast and easy protocol
  • pain management: biggest mistake clinicians do is when a patient doesn’t get numb after 1 injection more anesthetics are given. Solution is discussed.

Thank to the exceptional speakers to Dr Joseph Choukroun and to dr Elisa Choukroun for the outstanding 2 days and for sharing their time and experience with us.

We would like to express our appreciation to the event sponsors General Medical and Megagen UK, for devoting time to making the event a great one.

A chance to interact with peer colleagues, the amazing hospitality and excellent catering provided by The Rembrandt Hotel made it a truly remarkable day to remember.
See you next year.


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PRF 2 day

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