Have you ever though that you should learn managing oxidative stress in dental implantology?

Oxidative stress is a cell aggression generated by accumulation of free radicals also named oxidants. The biological reaction of cells is to produce antioxidants in order to neutralise the oxidants.

What do you need to change in your surgical procedures in order to avoid oxidative stress? Almost everything. – by Dr Joseph Choukroun

The main factors accountable for high oxidation level:

  • ischema
  • inflammation and biologic situations where the body is unable to produce enough antioxidants such as: smoking, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia
  • Vitamin-D deficiency, etc..

The healing of dental implants and bone grafts depend on the quality of new vascularization, however, the long term stability requires the maintenance of blood supply and adequate biologic functions in the reconstructed area during the whole life.


The following factors have significant impact on chronic oxidation:
  • Vitamin-D and cholesterol level.  These have high impact on the outcome of dental surgery as these are the key factors to reduce oxidation and increase antioxidants production.
  • The choice of biomaterials: variable compatibility, the ranking is scientifically grounded.
  • The management of flaps is one of the main factors of tissue maintenance. Too much tension creates extensive oxidation: the novel Soft Brushing technique will be introduced by Dr Choukroun which increases the flap laxity without periosteal incision or bleeding.
  • Specific suture protocol will be explained by Dr Choukroun which helps to avoid tension arised from the vestibule in the margins.
  • Implant placement has to be done with an adapted insertion torque according the bone density, particularly after bone grafting.
  • Reduce ischemia of the flap and improve angiogenesis in the bone graft with the use of sticky bone (A-PRF) and stem cells from the blood (i-PRF) injected during surgery. These new techniques will be presented by Dr Joseph Choukroun.
  • The reduction of pressure applied by the flaps during procedures of bone augmentation is the key for success.

All these procedures will allow the surgeon to achieve long term stability of the bone graft and the dental implant.

The opportunity is hear to learn managing oxidative stress in dental implantology.


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The concepts that Dr Choukroun introduces won’t be found in books. You will learn many things besides PRF to enhance your dental implant success rate.


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