Advantages of PRF in dentistry

The advantages of PRF can be utilised in surgical dentistry, in dental implantology, in periodontal regeneration.

PRF treatment is increasingly being used worldwide by dental clinicians. PRF is an autologous fibrin-based living biomaterial, derived from human blood which accelerates soft tissue healing and bone regeneration which are the fundamentals of successful and long lasting dental implant treatment.

PRF is a concentrated suspension of growth factors found in platelets that act as bioactive surgical additive when applied locally to induce wound healing.

Attributions of Platelet Rich Fibrin:

  • 100% autologous/derived from the patients’ own blood
  • PRF technology is readily available
  • easy to prepare and use
  • can be produced immediately at chair-side
  • widely applicable in dentistry
  • financially realistic for both the patient and the clinician
  • no risk of a rejection reaction (no foreign body response)


PRF products contain approximately 10 times the platelet concentration that is found within the body.


How can PRF promote your dental surgery outcome

  • Increased tissue growth — Higher growth factor release over a 10-day period compared to PRP
  • Accelerated Healing of Bone to Dental Implants
  • Improved Strength of Bone Integration to Dental Implants
  • Graft additive — Used to improve the handling characteristics of grafting materials- “Sticky Bone”
  • Decreased Chance of Dry Socket and Bone Pathology — after Tooth Extractions
  • Reduction in surgical costs — Material costs is approximately £10/patient
  • Reduction in time —compared to PRP. Simple to prepare and implement as it does not necessitate the direct activation with additional factors
  • Natural healing — processed entirely without the use of additives
  • Predictable outcome
  • Safe to use — All components of the PRF process are safe
  • Infection resistance — Shown to have as much as a 10-fold decrease in osteomyelitis infections
  • Improves surgical success — Uses growth factors to improve the likelihood of surgical success
  • Reduces patient pain — Has been shown to reduce postoperative pain
  • Reduces healing time — Ability to shorten the overall healing period


Advantages of PRF compared to other blood products (PRP and PRGF)

PRF can be easily prepared at chair-side within a short period of time. It provides the surgical wound area or defect not only with a matrix or scaffold permitting cell migration into the defect area, but also crucial biological signals or growth factors that can accelerate the wound healing and regeneration process.

Benefits that shows to PRF compared to PRP and PRGF:

  • greater simplicity of production
  • absence of blood manipulation
  • no additives
  • no anticoagulants, no animal thrombin or calcium chloride unlike PRP and PRGF
  • PRF produces a larger share of blood product over the share of blood taken
  • contains more healing factors
  • more stem cells, less trauma

The benefits of PRF treatment in wound and bone healing, its antibacterial and antihemorrhagic effects, the low risks with its use, and the availability of easy and low-cost preparation methods encourages more and more clinicians to adopt this technology in their practices for the benefit of their patients.


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